Monday, February 17, 2014

Vietnamese " Bún Thang"

 This is a traditional dish that Northen Vietnamese usually eat during Lunar New Year Festival to look forwar to a prosperous, successful new year ahead. The ingredients for this dish usually made from the food that was used to pray on New year eve and 1st day of New year, that is boiled chicken and meatloaf ( giò lụa).
- Stock (made from pork ribs or chicken stock)
- Dried shrimps, washed, soaked
- Dried mushrooms, washed, soaked till soften
-1 Boiled chicken, deboned
- 400g meatloaf ( giò lụa)
- 2 eggs, beaten
- laksa leaves and spring onions, to serve.
- Rice noodle ( beehoon), to serve
  Boil the stock together with the shrimps and mushrooms under medium heat until the shrimps is soften. Season to taste. Chicken meat shred into bite size. Meatloaf cut into shreds. Beaten egg fry thinly, slice into fine shreds. Laksa leaves and spring onion wash and chop.
  Blanch rice noodle in boiling water, drain well. Put noodle in a big bowl, arrange chicken meat, meatloaf, shredded eggs on top. Decorate with laksa leaves and spring onion. Pour boiling soup on the noodle and serve hot.

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